Welcome, Come In and Set Awhile

I want you to feel at home here.  Hope you’ll find info here to enhance your life.  I am a people person (don’t know if that is a real word), love meeting people, in a mall,  on the street, social networking, through emailing and was a little hesitant to sit behind my computer to meet new friends.  Of course, I’ve found that social networking online has allowed me to grow friendships so much faster!  I stand amazed.  Please feel comfortable here, just like your own rocking chair or favorite book, come back often.  Getting to know You makes my day.

My Life So Far........hopefully it keeps going & going

This is where I grew up, on the river, fishing with my dad.

Ohio leaves
This was the beauty we saw every autumn!

Chuck & Ts place

We spent most Sundays after church at my Grandma’s place for dinner & lots of fun times with all of our cousins!

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