Layed Off, Let Go, or Whatever They Called It, I Had No Job

Worked for John Morrell, for 4 years and resigned to work for a Local company so I could spend more time at home with my daughters.  After a little over a year, the owner died, his brother came into the business & he layed off 17 people and I was out of a job. 

I decided that Never again would someone else  be in charge of my future so I started my own Landscapting Business, “The Caring Gardeners”. Great business but long hot days for a couple of years. By the way, we now landscape our own backyard.

While maintaining the gardening business, I discovered how I can work at home for myself and enjoy a lifestyle & income that was my dream business.

If you are reading this as a newly unemployed person and not sure where you want to go,  but searching…..want to change your life,  want to be your own boss, have an entrepreneurial spirit you may want to contact me…..  or

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