My Life So Far……..hopefully it keeps going & going

Hi Everyone,

So I do not bore you with details, I am posting a picture of where I grew up!  Yep, right by my dad’s side as we fished this river nearly every day of my childhood.  He was able to fish every day because he was unable to work.  He had worked for Natco, making bricks, and it was before people realized the danger of breathing the brick dust, his lungs were damaged with Silicosis & put him on the lookout for warmer healthier place to live.  Thus our big move out West!  The trip was almost as primitive as the pioneers.  Except we travelled on a Greyhound bus.  Within months we lost my dad to the disease but we were determined to stay and begin a new life.  My mother, my little brother & I settled in Tucson.
Finished school, raised a family, have 4 grandkids and have found for this time in my life, exactly where God wants me to be.


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