Curbing The Appetite and Balancing Blood Sugars

Total Control, Snack Defense and Scrumptious Protein Bars

Total Control:  is a revolutionary herbal supplement designed to enhance weight-management.  It’s a concentration of specifically chosen herbs selected to help achieve and support weight loss.  This advanced ephedrine-free formula works at the cellular level and contains several herbal ingredients that help you overcome the challenges associated with shedding pounds & inches.  The individual components of these herbs and plants work synergistically.  You feel good energy, not jittery, boosts your metabolism and burns fat.  You will want to add Total Control, to your daily program.
Some of the herbs are listed here:
Citrus Aurantium, helps increase your metabolism rate.
Cocoa: increases energy and has a thermogenic effect & also has an herb as a  mood enhancer.
Green Tea:  Has a natural thermogenic & energy-boosting effect.  It also contains catechins polyphynols which are powerful antioxidants & inhibit the body’s fat storage.
Cinnamon Bark:  Helps support blood sugar levels to minimize cravings..
Hawthorn Berry:  Aquaretic (helps the body eliminate excess water, but without the ill effects associated with diuretics, which tend to also deplete valuable minerals and electrolytes.)
Black Pepper:  Encourages the absorption of nutrients.
Quercetin:  A bioflavonoid that helps fight free radicals and supports metabolism

Snack Defense: combination of chromium, garcinia cambogia and riboflavin (vitamin B12)
Lose while you snoooze.  Transforms the fat cells into energy so necessary to the body.  These are not fat burners; the fat cells are digested by an enzyme(lipase) that reduces them to fatty acids and oxidizes them to create energy.  Contains a form of chelated patented chromium that stabilizes insulin.  Helps the body to strengthen muscles, and eliminates fat especially during workouts.

Deluxe Protein Bars: It is difficult to get the right balance of nutrients to keep you in peak performance in today’s fast-paced life.  When snack time comes, many people opt for the candy machine or eat nutritionally depleted fast food.  Dieters also face challenges when it comes to “between meal” treats.  some try to ignore growling stomachs, while others “cheat” a little and satisfy their cravings with high fat or calorie-rich snacks.  Protein is an essential nutrient and we need to be sure we have plenty in our diet each day.  Protein helps synthesize enzymes and hormones, but also helps build antibodies against infection.  Protein is a building block for our muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, hair & blood.  Herbalife Deluxe Protein Bars have 10 grams of protein, low in fat & carbs but the real difference is only 140 calories!  So whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, reach for a Deluxe Herbalife Protein Bar.  You’ll get the protein your body needs and a great snack all in one!


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