Arizona Heat Getting to You?

As you probably have heard we do a Free 12 week Wt. loss Competition, having the most fun ever in the class, but want to share a testimonial from one of our Challengers;  he won a “goodie bag” that had a stick of H3O, a Fitness Drink included as part of the prize.  He came back the next day asking for more, more….  He works in a plant that is very warm and could not believe the difference in hydration & energy he felt using the sample of H3O.  This time he shared with a co-worker & she also was amazed at the difference she felt.
This product has essential electrolytes to support cellular rehydrating, antioxidants that fight free radicals to minimize fatigue & soreness and the energizing carbs to sustain energy.

I love the Orangeade with LiftOff and Niteworks in my water bottle at the gym, but it also comes in Lemonade.  By the way, it is caffeine free.  Comes in sticks or canister & you can find it on our site,


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