Sharing Some Testimonials

Subject: Arthritis

A year or so ago I started on a product of Glucosamine that I got from a Chiropractor. It worked somewhat. It was a little bit helpful. Then when they came out with the drug called Celebrex, I got started on that. That worked a little better, but still not 100% better. Then when Herbalife came out with our product – Joint Support, I started on that. I feel it worked as well if not better than the prescription drug Celebrex. Actually, I feel that it helped more. Right now I take the
Joint Support in the morning and in the evening. I just found out I can increase that a little if necessary. The Joint Support has helped me a lot. I’m not stiff in the morning and I’m able to get about a lot better than I did before. So the Joint Support is definitely the best of the three things that I tried.

Subject: Arthritis and weight loss

I got started on the weight loss products and lost 45 lbs. in about 4 months, great energy lift, but I still had severe pain of arthritis in my back, feet and hands (it would take 10 minutes to get up & to the bathroom each morning because I was so stiff). I started Herbalifeline & Herbal Aloe Drink; and in 7 to 8 weeks, I had no pain. It was incredible!! When Joint Support came out I added it to my regimen and in 2 to 3 days my knuckles were extremely warm and no more “needle pricks” in them! My arthritis is in remission. It is wonderful to live pain-free!

Subject: Arthritis

I have also been able to help my 67 year old father lose 33 lbs and go from hardly being able to get out of a chair due to Arthritis, to walking 5-7 miles a day and enjoying his retirement.

Subject: Arthritis, Weight Loss, High Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Mary Lou had polio when she was young. She broke all the bones in her ankle and also broke her arm in three places. She also developed arthritis. She has been in constant pain ever since. Before Herbalife, Mary Lou was taking 9 prescription pain pills a day.
She started with the Ultimate Thermojetics Program to lose weight and then added:
Herbalifeline – ( 3 times a day) Schizandra (2 times a day) Herbal Aloe Rose-Ox (1 tablet a day) Tang Kuei Plus (3 times a day) Xtra-Cal (3 times a day) Super APR (as needed) (APR stands for Arthritis Pain Relief)
Mary Lou’s pain is now “under control”, her cholesterol and tryglycerides are in check, and she is able to function normally and live an active lifestyle.

Subject: Fibromyalgia, Sinus Problems, Hiatus Hernia & Bursitis

Before I got on the Herbalife products, I had been diagnosed with severe sinus problems, Hiatus Hernia, Fibrocystic Bursitis in the shoulder, and hip and neck problems. Finally, I was told I had Fibromyalgia, an illness that can destroy your whole life.
I was averaging about one day a month that I wouldn’t have a lot of pain. I also had no energy, weight gain, hunger all the time, and I was so depressed because of all the health issues I had. I was in my early 40’s; my mother was in her early 60’s, and she felt better than I did. I couldn’t accept this, so I saw a special friend of mine who told me she could help me.

Subject: Thyroid, Rheumatoid Arthritis

After watching my mother on Herbalife for two months and 30 pounds later, I was still very skeptical about the products that Herbalife offers. Both my mother and father started Herbalife in March 2001. I have had weight problems my whole life and I didn’t think that there was anything out there that would help me to feel better and to lose weight. On top of that, my health problems had me so sure that nothing could help me.
I had congestive heart failure and a small stroke three years ago along with rheumatoid arthritis for the last 11 years. Then this last January 2001 I found out that my thyroid was going bad and found out that this was part of the reason why I had no energy. I found myself not wanting to even get out of bed, let alone do anything during the day. I was put on yet another prescription and I started feeling better in about two months. I was also retaining water like mad and I felt like I was at my wits end and just didn’t know what I was going to do.
My mother didn’t push me to try Herbalife and I was afraid to even try it when she first told me that she started. Instead, she sat back and waited for me to go to her. In May of 2001, I made the decision to try it for just 30 days, so sure that nothing had ever worked for me and that this wasn’t going to work for me either. I made sure with my doctors that everything would be all right for me to start this program. I also was going to the gym any time that I could get the chance. (After I started feeling like I had more energy, I joined a gym in March and I wasn’t even on the program yet). Well, after being on the Herbalife program for 15 weeks now, I have lost 33 pounds and 20 and half inches!!!!!!! I hit the halfway mark today and I am really psyched. The more I lose the more I push myself to lose the other 32 pounds I have to lose before I get to my goal of 140. These products have gone beyond my wildest dreams. I started with the Formula 1,2,and 3. I also started on the Xtra-Cal and the Thermojetics. To date I am on Thermo-Bond, Thermojetics Yellow, Herbalifeline,  Joint Support, NRG, Cell-U-loss and Aminogen, I feel soooooooo good and have a level of energy that I can’t remember if I ever had in the past. I have just added the RoseOx, and Schizandra Plu. I know that is a lot of tablets to take, but I would take these any day of the week over taking 11 prescriptions. Going to the gym 5-6 days a week has also helped with the energy level. At the same time that I am losing weight and those inches I am getting muscles for the first time in my life. The Herbalife gives me the incentive to want everything in my body and on my body to be in the best shape that it can be. I have been able to stop taking two of my prescriptions; I have been able to cut down on a couple; and hopefully I can cut out some more later. I am no longer retaining water either since and not drinking 3-4 cans a coke a day. I made the commitment to only allow myself one can of soda a week. I really loved my Coke, but it is getting easier now because I now know where my water weight was coming from. Herbalife is one of the best things that came into my life and I just wonder where it was 20 years ago. I just don’t want to ever be without Herbalife again. THANKS HERBALIFE!!!!!!!!!!


Subject: Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve

I had suffered for over three weeks with a bad sciatic nerve problem that I have had from time to time and nothing seems to touch it. Ibuprofen, nothing, nothing worked. So when I called my Herbalife Distributor, I was kind of desperate and said, “help, help!” When she mailed me the products, I was at least 75% better within 24 hours. I couldn’t believe it! It was my first night’s sleep in three weeks. Within two to three days I was 100% better. I will continue to take the products, but on a lower dosage, but I can’t believe it, I feel great!

I was taking Herbalifeline three times a day and I was taking Tang Kuei and Xtra-Cal 3 times a day. Oh, I suffered unreal! I just couldn’t believe it, so I really can’t say enough good about Herbalife! It’s incredible!
The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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