Herbalife Nutrition by Herbalife

Herbalife products are made from beneficial ingredients and developed using world-class scientific technology and research. Our protein shakes and snacks, vitamins and dietary supplements, energy and fitness drinks, and skin and hair care products, combined with healthy eating and exercise, can help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Three Steps to Achieve Nutrition:

1. Nutrition and Hydration – Everything you put into your body affects how you look and feel. For healthy aging, encourage your customers to:

Enjoy nutritious Herbalife® shakes
Drink plenty of water
Eat healthy, wholesome meals with lots of fruits and vegetables

2. Dietary Supplements – Most Americans don’t get their recommended daily allowance of nutrients. Taking Herbalife® supplements three times a day can help your customers add vitamins and fiber to their diets.

3. Proper Skincare – Skincare is especially important because very few antioxidants ingested in food make it to the surface of the skin. Recommend these skin health tips to your customers:

Apply Herbalife® Personal Care/Outer Nutrition products to cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect their skin
Personalize a skincare regimen by researching the complete Personal Care/Outer Nutrition line


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