My Tricycle is Naked

I know I’ve told you about our garden.  Brian, my husband has a green thumb.  We also have beautiful plants, some flowering, some soft flowing ferns and sometimes you almost need a machete to get through our entrance way.  I have posted pictures of our back porch, the tricycle that most times has 3 large flowering plants, one on the handle bars, one on the seat and one down by the back wheel.

Monsoon weather is here and though it has not produced a lot of rain for us, we have winds.  I heard a crash, looked out to see the largest pot in pieces on the patio floor.  Two nights later wind again and this time the tricycle is on it’s side and all three pots broken.  I went through 4 pots in two nights.  Now I must tell you that tricycle has been there for 5 years and never lost a plant.  So, maybe when the monsoons are gone we’ll try again.


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