Do We Really Need Supplements In Our Diet?

Why Daily Supplements Are Important.

You need 24 essential vitamins and minerals for RDI (recommended daily intake) and most people are not getting RDI.  We need 7-9 servings of vegetables and fruits daily.  Most are eating 2 or 3 servings.  Americans are sadly lacking suffiicient antioxidants.  U.S. has less nutrients in produce because of the way produce is grown, picked before ripened and sitting on grocery shelves does not increase the nutrients but decreases as it sits there waiting for you to choose it, take it home and “nuke’ it or cook it and deplete the nutrients that had developed.  That is why it is essential to cover the bases with natural high quality supplements, a net.

Busy lifestyles cause us to find fast food restaurants…. And friends, fast food is fat food.   There are a few exceptions and I will explain in a follow up post.

How do we know quality in supplements?  Use natural (not synthetic) and quality supplements are synergistically balanced with vitamins, minerals and herbs to make them more effective.  Be sure your supplements are scientifically formulated, certified from a reputable source.  Your supplements should be pharmaceutical grade with good binding ingredients.  Some lower quality, lower priced supplements may even contain cellulose, sawdust as a cheap filler and binding agent.  Some of these low quality supplements will pass through your body without ever releasing nutrients.

Good supplements are important and my next posting will explain more about specific supplements and their function for your better health.


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