Healthy Aging vs. Anti-Aging

Many advertisers lead you to believe you can stop or reverse aging.  We all love hearing that message, right?

Healthy aging is about educating people and recommending through your diet, exercise and supplements to help you age well.

Visible outward signs of aging begin to appear, (remember when you found your first wrinkle?) but what we cannot see is the internal aging.

The metabolism slows, hormone levels decrease and the process of illness and disease begins.  Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Louis Ignarro and Naturopathic Physician Dr. Andrew Myers wrote a great book, Health is Wealth and in it they say not disease, but dysfunction.  Most of us begin to gain weight, an average of about 10 lbs. per year.  Free radicals begin attacking our body’s cells and visible signs, our wrinkles to show but internal organs also begin to age.   Good news is You can fight back!!  You can defend your body.

Genetics, the cards our family dealt us cannot be altered but we can learn to use certain supplements to lower our risk and prevent many diseases, dysfunction & illnesses as we age with Better Health.


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