Glucosamine by Dr Louis Ignarro from Doctors Orders

Glucosamine is a power nutrient that is produced naturally in the body. This substance is necessary for building and maintaining healthy levels of cartilage. Cartilage is a primary tissue providing cushion and lubrication to joints such as the spine, knees, and hips. Without sufficient production of glucosamine, cartilage is less effective at cushioning critical weight bearing joints.

Glucosamine is not found in any food source. Luckily, healthy individuals naturally produce sufficient glucosamine to avoid the symptoms of osteoarthritis. As people age, though, their natural ability to produce glucosamine declines. This leads to cartilage destruction, resulting in pain and limited functioning. Supplementing with glucosamine can help to prevent or reverse many of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Asprin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents are commonly used in the treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms. Supplementing with glucosamine enables many individuals to reduce or even eliminate the use of these drugs. This is important because some research suggests NSAIDs actually accelerate damage to the joints.

Benefits of Glucosamine

Glucosamine reduces osteoarthritis pain
Glucosamine improves mobility and joint functioning
Glucosamine reduces swelling and stiffness
Related Nutrients

Chondroitin: Often taken with glucosamine, chondroitin is also a necessary molecule for healthy cartilage. Chondroitin may be able to assist glucosamine in the prevention of osteoarthritis symptoms.

Vitamin C: This nutrient is critical for the formation of collagen which keeps cartilage strong.

Vitamin E and Fish Oil: May reduce inflammation that aggravates symptoms.

Recommended Dosage

The typical dosage for glucosamine is 1500 mg/day. Generally, 20mg per KG of body weight per day is recommended, so obese individuals may need a higher dose. Individuals taking diuretic medications may also need to increase their glucosamine intake for better effectiveness.

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