Expensive? Compared to What? by Kay Wilson

I hear occasionally that Herbalife is expensive!
My friend, Deb, did the research and so can you on the internet!
I compared our meal replacement shakes with 6 other popular brands!
These prices are based on a 30 day supply.
Ideal Shape-$50,
GNC Lean-$60,

Herbalife cost is $36 and you can earn a 25- 50% discount
which can make this a minumum of $18 for 30 meals!!
EXPENSIVE??? I SAY AFFORDABLE!!! And don’t forget,
we are number one in the meal replacement category with 1/3 of that market.
There is a GOOD reason for that because not all meal replacements are created equal.

Our bodies LOOK the way they do because of WHAT we EAT!!!
What are you putting in your mouth?

My mission is to change people’s lives by
providing the best Nutrition and Results.

Herbalife has been in business for  over 31 years and currently in 82 countries.
Listen to this FREE 20 minute call (800) 642-1687 code is 51040665# and call me today. I will Coach you to success!!

Kay Wilson


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