Want Flexibility and Want to Feel Good About What You Do?

Job market is in crisis & 100 people show up for every position in your field? We look for people…
* Students
* parents
* people who want to contribute to their community
* people who have lost loved ones to heart disease, cancer, strokes or diabetes

We are Wellness & Weight Loss Coaches, Interested?
Take a look at this video: http://www.brianwilsonshomebiz.com

With us, this is what will happen for you:

* You are trained, no experience necessary
* You have on going support
* You set your own hours
* You control how much money You want to make
* You can start a Weight Loss Challenge in your area, we help you start
* You will be your Own boss, in Your own business, but not by yourself
* Your community Needs your skills

Ask your self a couple of questions;
Am I self motivated?
Do I get excited about helping people?
Am I passionate about helping others?
Am I teachable?
Am I willing to work?
Am I a person who will share from my heart?

We love sharing with You, the importance and fun of good health, fitness and weight management.
We are here to inspire others to join in our social & community service.
65% of Americans are overweight, thus unhealthy and we can help.

Weight Loss Challenges are exploding across the country!
We are looking for coaches NOW! Call 1-520-744-1805


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