Pump Up your Metabolism and Lose Your Weight

Yes, you can get your metabolism to work again. I know you feel like it has creeped to a crawl or flat out stopped. Make any Resolutions for the New Year? Many people stopped making them, never tell anyone they have made a decision to get healthy, lose weight or stop smoking, which is self defeating and can be the beginning of lying to yourself. I lied to myself for years and contributed to low self esteem, I was sure I could never win the battle of yoyo dieting. Sound familiar? Now’s the perfect time to incorporate some metabolic-revving tips into your daily regimen and start you on a better path to successful weight loss and “Better Health Today”. Fuel Your Body with the Best Food We eat food for fuel. Burning it for energy runs our bodies, the process creates heat. Our Cellular Nutrition™ products assist the body’s engine to burn fuel efficiently, helps our metabolism stay revved and functioning well. Daily Regimen Tips Keep your metabolism pumped with these tips: * Start small if you’ve been inactive for awhile. Walking for 30 minutes every day helps raise the metabolic rate. * Tone your muscles by weight training three days a week. Walk with one- to two-pound weights.Be sure you are eating enough, for most women, that’s 1,200 calories a day. Less will slow your metabolism. * Breakfast really is important, your body used up all the fuel, it needs a fresh supply, skipping the First meal of the day may slow down your metabolism. * Come join me on our new site iChange.com. It’s 100% Free and gives you a set of online tools to help manage weight and health. The best part is that it gives you access to a Wellness Coach (me) who can help you reach your goals. Sign up for free at www.ichange.com/user/KayWilson * Use Herbalife products every day including Total Control and Herbal Concentrate(burns 80 calories per cup}, super octane body fuel. 😉 * Snacking is allowed, in fact important, for faster results if you are serious. Yummy snacks to keep in your pantry are Deluxe or Regular Protein Bars, Peach Mango or Wild Berry Beverage Mix or Cream of Chicken Soup Mix. * Personalized Protein Powder, a combo of whey & soy, helps you build Your Best Smoothie to meet your individual protein needs, and as your coach, I will help you design the best program for you & your budget. Kay Wilson, Herbalife Distributor 520.744.1805 / www.betterhealthtoday.cokatiedidwork@gmail.com

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