Herbalife iChange, A New Way to Help You Lose Weight Faster

Herbalife iChange a new way to help you lose weight faster FREE to Get started with ichange, click on this link: kays-nutrition-group Users have access to a calorie/exercise tracker, nutrition articles, recipes, iChange community (group support) and more. Receive personalized weekly counseling from a licensed nutritionist. Herbalife IChange for example, whether you want to fit in your smaller size clothes or if you are an emotional eater, Using iChange with a coach you can lose up to four times as much weight as users on the basic plan. iChange can better serve Herbalife’s 2.1 million independent distributors, who have much to gain from reaching out to the iChange community. Those distributors will be able to become “wellness coaches” on the site, meaning they’ll provide users with free coaching and nutritional tracking tools. My iChange link again: kays-nutrition-group


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