Because There Was a Need

Entrepreneur, I hardly understood the word, just knew I had been the employer and been the employee and being able to call the shots was definitely my cup of tea! However, I stumbled my way to my niche, I was self employed in a brick & mortar business for 23 years, divorced, out of work, and landed a sales job for John Morrell, chose to work for local company, but death of owner caused lay off of 17 sales people and I was out of work. The entrepreneurial dream popped up again and I took an oath that I would never work for anyone else again. I started searching for a new business… two life long loves were gardening and sewing. I ran an ad in the Tucson Shopper for Seamstress and for Gardening, got more calls for gardening and started my own landscaping business, The Caring Gardeners. While I was home on lunch break, a knock came on my door and a handsome young man said, “I saw your truck and I used to do landscaping when I lived in Hawaii. I have an energy product, I think you’d like.” My first intro to NRG’s, I went from coming home, dog tired & dragging myself to take an afternoon nap, to powering thru my day, started dinner, threw a load of laundry in & made my bed with energy leftover for the evening! No one was more surprised than me! He left a video of weight loss testimonials, I was anxious to start. I had spent most of my adult life being a yoyo, so I was amazed at how simple the program was to use, dropped 6 lbs. the, first week, went on to lose 28 lbs. in 7 weeks and I realized I could not keep my mouth shut! Friends, family and landscaping customers started seeing such a difference in me and watched me drop 45 lbs., go from tight 14 to a size 10 and I had a new business. Recent statistics say 69% of population is overweight, there is such a need for Wellness & Weight Loss. Even as I write this, the kidney dialysis clinics in the U. S. are operating 24 hours a day and may soon have to turn people away. The health care system is being strained by the weight related illnesses. Fast food and sedentary lifestyles are steadily increasing the obesity rate. That taste for fat & sugar is causing rampant obesity increase. Television ads that invade our homes, tell us ‘this is fat-free, sugar-free, this is low calorie’ have confused people. I teach nutrition in Weight Loss Challenges and give my testimonial, my clients’ testimonials, from 10 lbs in a month to 215 pounds in 18 months over & over. I am that voice, talking, working to help others achieve better self esteem and better health today.


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