Imagine a Ride Like This

This and that Chairman’s Club Member Blake Morgan representing Herbalife in space at 67,250 feet. Here is what Blake said about the experience: “Today, I did the most AMAZING thing EVER! I went 67250 feet and saw the curvature of the world ( thats where i took this picture 🙂 I experienced ZERO GRAVITY. Then, the pilot (at 12 miles up) turned the plane into a nose dive towards earth – and we went 1250 miles an hour (at 1.9 mach & easily broke the sound barrier.) We then did 0 speed in mid air in vertical position – G load 7.0, did some aerobatics, some turns 60 degree to 70 degree, a full loop and half loop, inverted flight ( flew upside down ), some rolls & did a low pass @ 50 feet, another half loop and 2 rolls, & I actually took the controls over & FLEW IT. The power you feel is indescribable!!!! Amazing!!!” Blake was a an ex chicken catcher for KFC, dropped out of school in 9th grade, mowed lawns til he got the job with Kentucky Fried Chicken, then went to an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting, pretty amazing story huh? Get healthy, lose wt, make more money? We can help or Info on Better Health Today


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