“Did you know, an Herbalife Cellular Nutrition Program with just one Nutritional shake per day at only 225 calories per meal and as much nutrition as 1500 calories of food costs less than $2.90 per day when you purchase at retail and less than $2.00 per day when you purchase direct at wholesale. 
The best part is, there are no monthly minimum requirements to purchase direct nor are there selling requirements to purchase direct. 

It’s a win, win. You get to improve your nutrition, save money at the grocery store AND Feel Great all at the same time.

Want to lose weight?   2 Cellular Nutrition Meals per day purchased direct costs less than $3.75 per day and according to a recent report on the USDA.gov website, will save you an average of $80 a month on your groceries!! Who do you know who wants to Feel Better and Needs More Energy?
Ask me how, you can only get this discount through a currently registered product user or Herbalife Distributor.”

Call 1-866-744-1805 or email me at katiedidwork@gmail.com

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