Is Network Marketing for You?

This is  an excerpt from a letter shared by a friend on Facebook written by Michael Clouse.  Very powerful for reasons to choose Network Marketing.  We are Network Marketing Professionals and know how our industry is exploding!  
It’s true! From $13 billion in 1992 to over $132 billion in 2010; more than 82 million new people have joined Network Marketing in the past 20 years! In fact, it is now estimated that over 15,800,000 distributors in the United States alone now participate, full- or part-time, in Network Marketing—and those numbers also continue to grow…
After 20 years the predictions provided in Future Choice continue to prove that Network Marketing still fits today’s hot trends—home-based businesses, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance—and Future Choice continues to remind its readers how they too can move beyond economic security to economic prosperity.
Read Future Choice and find out if Network Marketing is right for you. Learn how to select a company, and how to begin your own home-based business, using the skills and resources you already possess. Because, after all, it’s still your future!
When you are searching for a company consider a few important things….. 
1. Does the company provide solutions to many problems in the world today? 
2. Longevity and growth of the company?
3. Leadership of the company?
4. Projections for company future?
Brian & I have made a good choice for us and watching this video may help you make decisions…Questions, please feel free to comment here, contact us on Facebook or, fill out the online form and I’ll call you. 

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