Step Aside, P90x, Herbalife24FIT is Here

Step aside, P90x!!  Now we have Herbalife24 FIT!!!   
Now, we have the game changer (Herbalife24 product line)


And the way to change the game (put it to work)!! 
Introduced at the Herbalife Summit Meeting, the cost is $49.95, Fitness in a box! 
As a wholesale customer/distributor, you could use it to build your body to level 10 and I think it would be great to start a boot camp with your team or incorporate it in your Weight Loss Challenges too.  

Amazing, you can begin at your level of fitness and improve to the best condition, attain the shape you want! 
If I were you, I would NOT wait to get this item. 
The 3 phases involved on the Herbalife24FIT DVDs are Stability, Strength and Power (2 months for each)

Doing the homework:  
All you P90Xsters and Insanity folks, listen up:
THIS will tell you why 24FIT PROGRAM is the best of the best!
Our brand new program will knock your socks off! 
The science and knowledge behind this is INSANE!!! (So is the price of $49.95!!!) 

The all new Herbalife 24FIT Program was developed by Robert Forster PT. 
He has specialized in Olympic Science and Physical Therapy and developer of Phase IV Metabolic Testing, with 30 years experience. Now THAT’s what I call experience!!! 
I invite you to visit his website;  Incredible testimonials under his About page.
Bob Forster was also recognized on NBC News for his research in “Conquering The Fit But Fat Syndrome”, on his website it starts out with the following: 
“Have you experienced a Monday morning bloat after a weekend of great workouts and you look in the mirror and see a pudgy, bloated you and the scale says you’ve gained a pound or two for all your hard workouts over the weekend?
The “Fit But Fat” Syndrome is attributable to improper training schedules and the
hormonal havoc that ensues! 
The intensity, frequency and how you schedule change into your workouts all work to properly modulate the stress hormone Cortisol.”
Click & watch the News Clip – NBC News Clip
Several friends, (beta testers) are already showing great results, telling us what Herbalife 24 is all about. Some didn’t think this was possible. 
It is allowing people to have proper workouts with their very own Personal Trainer in a Box, enjoy exercise, feel and see the changes in their shape and strength. Talk to Kay and let’s get things rolling. 


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