Searching For a Mission For Your Life? by Kay Wilson

Ever feel You are in the right place at the right time.  I have been working from home for almost 20 years and Never have I felt better about my work, my mission and my life.  I help people to improve their energy, health, fitness and weight control.  The current economy has also allowed me to help some people with financial stability.
ABC news announced a forecasting study that found that 42 percent of the U.S. population could be obese by 2030.  See study info: Keeping obesity rates level could save nearly $550 billion over 2 decades

I have to share that I feel an ache in my heart, a gut level feeling that I am not working hard enough to help more people.  Knowing that I can help, knowing that I am not talking to at least 10 people every day to help them turn their life around, sharing with them how they can make better food choices and finding extra energy to begin some form of exercise makes me feel guilty.  I need to discipline myself to talk with the numbers of people each day and if this message touches your heart, you could help reach so many more or you may know someone that needs to read my post.  Please feel free to share with them.  Interested?  You can leave a comment for me as I am online every day.

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