Still believe in the 40 yr.plan…Just sayin

What can Herbalife do for you? Denise reports: When my mother was dying I had to take a leave of absence from the dental offices I worked at (worked at both for more that 25 years at that time). They paid me nothing for the time I was off. Herbalife still paid me! That is when I opened my eyes! I fired them and have never looked back!

Still believe in the gold watch and the 40 year plan friend? Its over. If you aren’t looking at what’s going on in this century, which is being an entrepreneur, then you just need to talk to me. In less than a year, we have had 4 friends be terminated within 1 month of retirement. No benefits. Who’s the dummy?…Deb

Know someone in this situation?  Have them call me 520-744-1805, or


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