Your Choice, Build a Better Future by Kay Wilson

I attended a college graduation last night, over 5000 graduates that will begin building their future.  Some spoke of taking a brief vacation from several years of burning the “midnight oil” and several were already working part time in their chosen career but many are scared that their future may be dim.

The next 5 years may not look clear to them because systems that once promised jobs have failed them.  Corporate America, who once sent recruiters to every campus for young fresh blood, honor students to join their firms for great salaries are not waiting for them.
The economy has shown very little stability, the government is battling internally, our education and health care systems are so flawed.  Media bombards us with discouraging economic news every day.

Amanda Franks, writer for Huffington Post  published a much more encouraging CORRECTION to her story: An earlier version of this story referenced a study that said 85% of college graduates are returning home to live with their parents. That statistic was picked up by reports in Time Magazine and subsequently in HuffPost. PolitiFact debunked the widely cited number. A Pew study in December 2011 found that “39% of all adults ages 18 to 34 say they either live with their parents now or moved back in temporarily in recent years,” including 53% of those 18 to 24. While educational status didn’t appear to impact living status for those under 30, it did make a big impact after that age. All of this is far better than the purported 85% of college grads returning home, but these numbers aren’t exactly low. A sobering statistic from Pew: one-in-ten college educated adults between the ages of 30 and 34 are living at home.

If no one is coming to save you or you want to make a difference in your life!
This is the Era of the Entrepreneur.

I don’t have all the answers but what I do know is, Herbalife, a company with 26% growth even in this economy gives you the opportunity to build an income by helping people contribute more to the world by supporting their personal goals to achieve a way of life that they build and enjoy forever.
I’m not sure if the timing is right for you right now, if you are ready, You could drastically change your future.

Maybe it’s not the right time
There are other opportunities out there, if it is not the right time for you, but there are people every day looking to bring someone like You to their team in Herbalife, with the incredible growth we are experiencing someone will invite you to look at Herbalife in the future. I would like to ask you to please chat with me 1st.

If this is perfect timing for you but you’re not sure what you want for your future, not sure what path to take, have not set future goals yet, but need more income right now, you  could earn an extra $500 a month with us.
You may already have that “entrepreneurial spirit” and feel you deserve to live a secure financial future with freedom to enjoy your family then email me ASAP at We can help you take charge of your future!
Herbalife enables us to build good leadership skills and gives us confidence to empower others to have their own business success.  I’ve witnessed so many success stories, so many testimonials of struggling in their lives and then someone told them there is a better way.  That is why I’m sharing this with you. You could change a life…..
Did you see the movie, “Pay It Forward”.  Special favor of you, would you pay it forward?

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