Happiness Is Not an Accident by Darren Hardy

Jim Rohn taught me, “Happiness is not an accident, it’s an art. You don’t hope for happiness, you plan for happiness. You have to weave happiness like a tapestry.”
By the time you read this I will be in Monaco helping fulfill a lifelong dream for my father.
My dad is a big Formula One fan. The biggest and most celebrated race of the season is the Grand Prix of Monaco. My dad has never made it to “The Big One.” This year my wife Georgia and I are taking him and his wife. My dad is excited!
But I didn’t leave it there—the experience still needed weaving.
Months leading up to the trip I found an autographed vintage Monaco Grand Prix race poster from 1933 and had it framed and hand-delivered it to him. Later we sent him and his wife picture books on the South of France and the history of the race. Then we sent them all sorts of French accoutrements, sampling some of the things they would soon experience firsthand… weaving and weaving. And while we are there we have prepared all sorts of little surprises… continuing to weave.
How are your knitting skills?
Take a date night, an upcoming vacation, a companywide meeting, your next family night, something… and instead of just going through the motions, weave the experience like a tapestry—one layered with all sorts of wonderful textures to create a magnificent experience.
Try it and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear about it. 5804

Note:  This is so beautiful, I copied it in full from Darren Hardy’s blog 🙂 Kay


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