Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate & Author "No More Heart Disease"

Tells us…
“Science is finding that CoQ10 benefits a growing set of health concerns from cancer and diabetes to immune deficiency and the effects of aging.
The single greatest benefit, though, is the promotion of a better functioning heart.
CoQ10 can actually reverse or prevent the degeneration of the heart which often occurs in cardiovascular disease as a result of inflammation and free radical damage.”

This is exciting news, it is the second most important supplement to help your heart, and Herbalife produces both. Dr. Ignarro has endorsed our line of products for the heart.  By the way, the 1st most important supplement is NiteWorks.  You can Order here

If you have not read “No More Heart Disease”, the subtitle says, “How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent -Even Reverse- Heart disease and Strokes” Buy it here


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