It’s a Lifestyle

Yes, we do choose to eat, exercise and live a healthier, happy life.  No, I don’t think about any inconvenience or experience as problematic to my choice.  We do have a garden full of favorite vegetables, raspberry plants, a grapevine, peach, tangelo and pomegranate trees.  We plan to add a fig tree this year.  We don’t have a huge place, we live on a corner lot in a subdivision and have shade trees, living Christmas trees that we planted.

Think you don’t have the space, gardening can be growing your salad in a whiskey barrel, a tomato plant, scallions, mixed lettuce and radishes will all fit.
It is amazing what you can grow in tiny spaces or patios.

Dr. David Heber, Director, UCLA Center For Human Nutrition and  author of “What Color is Your Diet”, recommends we eat 7-9 servings of vegetables and fruit each day. The cover has picture of all kinds of veggies & fruit but I was pleased to see the red letter subtitle; Protect Your Heart, Vision, and Genes, Strengthen Your Immunity, Reduce Inflammation, Help Fight Cancer, Achieve Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss and has lots of recipes by Susan Bowerman, M.S., R.D. This is a great reference book for your kitchen.

Dr. Heber also highly recommends you take supplements as a safety net because we do not always get sufficient nutrients from our diet.

And that is where I can help you…
Please feel free to call me 520-744-1805 or Order Here


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