This May Save Your Husband’s Life

If the last 5 to 10 years you have been irritated with him, you don’t seem to care much about sex with him and you toss and turn at night, it is waaay too hot in the house….before you kill him, consider the problem may be yours.  Perimenopause, is a time period before menopause when estrogen levels go crazy & most women  fail to recognize the symptoms. Have patience with him and yourself because it will last until your menstrual cycle stops. Most of us begin perimenopause in our 40s. 

Hot flashes, loss of sex drive, and irritability are all common signs of perimenopause — the five- to 10-year period during which your estrogen levels fluctuate and egg production becomes erratic until your menstrual cycle stops completely. Menopause begins one year after your last period. The average woman enters menopause at age 52, so you can start developing symptoms anywhere from 45 to your late 50s. Your period may stop for several months, then start again, you may have spotting or flood, breast tenderness and headaches or migraines are also common, and if anxiety has been a problem for you, it may increase to panic and difficult breathing, a racing heart, dizziness, and sweating during perimenopause.

There are a number of books on the market that can help a woman though the menopausal years. Dr. Christiane Northrup author of “The Wisdom of Menopause” says “medical doctors are taught in school and later in seminars to treat menopause and perimenopause as a disease of aging. Because of this, many women fear this time in their lives rather than embraciing the change and learning to keep their bodies healthy and fit without drugs.”  Most doctors recommend hormone replacement therapy and we all have seen the reports and studies that HRT has been linked to breast cancer.  Doctors do not generally tell you about alternative or natural help.  

Dr. Northrup says, “Women have been going through menopause for thousands of years. Until the 20th century, most women took care of themselves through the change of life or consulted with a “wise woman” who had already been through the process. Women took a variety of herbs, ate certain foods and adjusted their lifestyles until the change of life process was complete.”

Before you take out your frustration on your hubby, I would like to tell you that there is help, natural help, like Herbalife’s Tang Kuei Plus and Woman’s Choice, both are really great to relieve symptoms.  I have many clients’ testimonials and my own story that gave normalcy to our lives.  
Tang Kuei Plus is a combination of herbs that relax smooth muscle tissue, supports the female reproductive system, helps with headaches, PMS.
Woman’s Choice with 1 tablet a day, has black cohosh, red clover & other herbs to ease perimenopause & menopause.  It is amazing help for hot flashes, depression and is THE Help you need to prevent your husband’s death or anyone else who gets in your way.  You can call me at 520-744-1805 or you can order at  


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