Beat rising food inflation with these discounts for Better Health Today readers

Dear Better Health Today readers,

The severe drought of 2012 is going to cause some huge food inflation price hikes over the next 18 months.
A United Nations report warns that global corn prices have surged 23% in July, worsened by “the severe deterioration of maize crop prospects in the United States, following drought conditions and excessive heat during critical stages of the crop development.”
You can beat the price hikes with some serious discounts on supplements and protein mixes, prepared exclusively for Better Health Today readers. Many of our clients are becoming ‘wholesale customers”.  As a wholesale customer, you’ll save 25% or more on protein snack bars, chicken protein soup, protein peach mango drink, crunchy soy nuts and our delicious smoothies. You may want to stock up a little extra in your cupboard.  
One of our customers and Weight Loss Class participants kept track of their grocery receipts and did a cost comparison to Protein shake mixes, their supplements And their new “healthy approach” to shop and fill their pantry.  BTW, when they were changing habits, they threw out opened boxes and donated the unopened crackers, chips and other “no-no’s” to a food bank.  They now also enjoy a 50% discount on their Herbalife products.
Another of our distributors had a lady of mormon faith who explained that members of their church routinely keep a year of food in their home.  I am not suggesting that but what an easy way to be prepared. 
Most active Herbalife distributors have inventory on hand, in a closet or bookcase.
If you have an interest in being a wholesale client or have questions please feel free to
call us. 
Kay Wilson, Herbalife Distributor
Tel: (520) 258-9934 | |

Contact me: Google Talk Kay


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