QuickStart Weight Loss Starter Kit

Lose Your weight for good.  

This Weight loss program is Exclusive to Herbalife.   This program is easy to use, very simple to follow, you’ll see fast results.  You have your own personal coach and cheerleader, me. 
Fun, simple, magical and it is delivered direct to your door. Too busy to attend meetings?
Your Coach is ready to support your new healthy habits.  If you have been a “yoyo syndrome” this is The Answer for you!
You can order online for a Total Cost of $110.25 and become a wholesale customer at 25%-35% savings each time you order.

An upgrade to our Advanced Program would include Total Control, to boost the metabolism, builds incredible energy and alertness.  Also includes, Celluloss that helps with inches, cellulite and supports health elimination of toxic water, (fat becomes toxic water that needs to be carried out of the body.)  The total cost of the Advanced Program would be $160.31 delivered directly to you. 

My Special gift will be sent to you with your first order.  

Quickstart Program

Advanced program includes 2 Extra Enhancers

I will assist you on your first order, once you are a “wholesale customer” you can order online anytime you like at 25%-35% savings.

Call me 520-744-1805 or email katiedidwork@gmail.com


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