6 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays by Kay Wilson

Keep these snacks ready in your pantry
I love the holidays, absolutely love this time of year, everyone seems to be more cheerful and friendly. We look forward to seeing friends & family and begin anticipating Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings about two weeks before the date rolls around on the calendar. As much as I love the holidays, I know they are a bit of a challenge. I remember when every holiday season from Thanksgiving to the new year, I would gain 10 lbs. Of course, New Year’s Eve I would make a resolution to lose weight. Sound familiar to anyone? So i have put together a few tips to help all of us navigate though the next six weeks.

1. Be sure to plan ahead, I know when you know you are going to the Thanksgiving feast, it is easy to think you should not eat breakfast, just skip a meal, extpert tell us but it is better to keep your regular routine, have 2 shakes and a meal like always. A small snack just before you go to dinner and a big glass of water will take the edge of your appetite. You will arrive at the table without feeling starved, which helps overcome the urge to scarf down everything our nose smells or our eyes see.

2. Avoid the appetizer tray, we’ll be successful with our plan by concentrating on the main course. Mindless eating can begin with appetizers and by the time we reach the Turkey Table we are to full to enjoy the meal. We traditionally have this meal with all the trimmings once a year, so skirt around the appetizer tidbits and wait for the dinner bell, have a glass of water.

3. Our family sits down to the meal, but you may be serving yourself, buffet style, so start with turkey, veggies, cranberry sauce and take small portions of everything so you don’t feel cheated but fill your plate just once. It is better to skip gravies and heavy sauces, maybe just a smidgen, Remember there will be dessert.

4. Stand away from the food, it is easy to pick at leftovers after dinner if you are in the kitchen and as the day goes on, you have had a second meal. Most of us don’t play touch football so maybe you can invite someone to go for a “walk n talk”. Helps digestion, nothing like good conversation and you’ll be enjoying the fresh air.

5. Alcohol generally is available at most parties, but best to remember it is full of empty calories and cuts your ‘food burning” by a a third. Take the iced tea instead.

6. Desserts are especially tempting and if you are enjoying conversation with friends & family, you can be slow to get to the dessert, maybe even last in line, part of the strategy, by the time you choose your one and only dessert, (choose well, this is the only time of year you get that favorite family dessert) everyone will be on their second and you will not be tempted to go for a second.

Most of all, when you stick to your plan, you will Not be making deals with yourself about having another dessert and maybe skipping breakfast tomorrow. You won’t be beating yourself up and feeling guilty because you blew it.
You will have a great day, filled yourself with great food, conversation and tomorrow you’ll be back on track.


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