3 Reasons We’re Dying of Our Own Choices

When I was 19, I was in the best shape of my life, weren’t you?  I can still hear my mother’s voice saying, “When I got married, I weighed 99 lbs.” Most everyone reading this can relate.  But, as babies came, the weight began to creep on.  The yoyo syndrome began with diet after diet and as women entered the industrial work force, stress became a badge of honor to discuss.  Little did we know that very stress we were discussing, how well we were doing in the working world and how little sleep we were getting were going to be the big 3 causes of  body systems beginning to fail.  We were unaware the lifestyle we were choosing would begin a spiral effect to begin dysfunctions that manifest into disease.

The mature body has everything it needs to maintain functions of organs, bones, nerves and brain cells.  We are able to handle moderate stress, rid toxins in our systems.  Our family doctor would tell me, “Given good nutrition, a little exercise and proper rest, the body would heal itself of most things”.  He was waaay ahead of his time.

The type of dieting most of us were doing was cutting back on food, causing nutrition deficiency.  The stress was releasing hormones into our systems that caused our immune systems to malfunction and adding in sleep deprivation was a perfect combo that in in a matter of a few years or decade would become disease or dysfunction.  The short story of this is today we are dying of imbalances and lifestyle disease that we have chosen.

The Good News, from a quote in their book, Health is Wealth, 10 Power Nutrients that Increase Your Odds of Living To 100 by Dr. Louis Ignarro and Dr. Andrew Myers, “Starting from the position that your body’s systems are designed to be in healthy alignment, ending sickness can be seen as merely a matter of bringing your systems back into dynamic alignment.”

BTW, Dr. Louis Ignarro is a Nobel Laureate in Medicine

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