Stress Can Be a Killer


Favorite Beach
Favorite Beach
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Yes, more info in the daily news tells us that 70% of deaths are from heart, stroke and cancer.  Stress is a major factor attacking the body’s immune system, nervous system and deteriorating the heart.  Now who does not have stress?  Bit of an oxymoron these days as people have busier lifestyles.  Moms deal with daily stress as they leave their toddler in someone else’s care while they head off to work to earn additional income.  Economic recession has caused many to lose their jobs, employers have cut hours and lots of people are stretching themselves to work 2 jobs.  We cannot just walk away from job stress, financial & family caused stress.

There are ways to deal with stress.  The first step to Wellness & good health is learning to handle any stress you have in your life.  People can train themselves to relax.  Perhaps going physically to a special location, a walk in a forest, on a beach or a quiet special place at home.  Not able to do that, you can think your way to calm, close your eyes and concentrate on your favorite place, hear the birds on your walk through the forest, feel the sun on your back as you stretch out on the beach.  As you learn to think your stress away, you’ll be able to take mini-vacations in your mind several times a day.  Amazing way to relieve stress.  Laughter is another way to help stress.  Ever notice how a big belly laugh makes your whole body relax and feel better? 

Be sure you’re getting 8 – 9 hours of sleep.  Nothing rejuvenates the body like sleep.  Daily diet can also help on the path to wellness and better health.  50% of deaths are diet related.  Article soon on good food & drink. 


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