Baby Boomer? Unemployable? Entrepreneur?


Changes in our economy, in the world have created a need for many of us to search for extra income. Tried cutting back expenses, clipping coupons?

People lose confidence, they think they have little or no value to the marketplace. it takes time, energy and ambition to search. Most spend more time contemplating, more time talking than doing.

Tech advances have opened up a whole new world for those with some computer know-how.
If your thoughts are holding you back….too complex, too hard, too whatever….think being an Entrepreneur would be beyond your reach, too difficult?

Take a step at a time. You may have the best of both worlds, some idle hours to pursue entrepreneurship and most of us have family and friends we love. Instead of looking for a “part time job for retirees”, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy helping people with their needs, increase your value to the marketplace And make that extra money?

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