Surprising New Thinking on Healthy Foods


An article written by Kristin Kirkpatrick, manager of Cleveland Clinc Wellness Institute, filters some of the confusion on old thinking, by updating foods that are healthy.  Rumors about food somehow persist even though numerous studies have been done that clearly tell us some of those foods labelled bad for us, have been proven to be be good for us, so good, in fact, they may be the very foods that help you reduce stress, prevent heart disease, and even prevent certain cancers. Would you like to see some of your favorite foods taken off the NO list and bring it back on the YES list?
Chocolate, was put on the NO list for lots of us, turns out you can put it back on the YES list because a Dark Chocolate containing 70% or more of cocoa has flavenoids, the very same that are in green tea, red wine and berries.  Proven studies show an ounce of dark chocolate daily reduced risk of heart disease and an ounce & half enjoyed daily may help reduce emotional stress. I’m going for the 1.5 ounce, because I used to say “i was addicted and anything I needed to eat if it had chocolate on it, consider it gone.” 
Eggs, my old doctor & many others told us that eggs were on the NO list becuase they raise cholesterol and put us at risk for heart disease.  Well, the new studies show that eggs have antioxidants, protein & other great nutrients.  A study in 2011 found that eating eggs regularly may reduce the risk of cancer & cardiovascular diseases because of high antioxidants. Also, several other studies that they may reduce blood pressure.  New research from Yale University that eggs can be included in your heart-healthy diet without negative effects on cholesterol, weight or endothelial function.
Nuts were on the NO NO list because they were fattening, well put them back on your YES list because they have been proven to have protein & healthy fats to may help you lose weight, in moderation, of course.  And because of the healthy fats may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks, according to recent studies.
Soy, the old stories told us that we would have increased risk of certain cancers, when in fact you can add them to your YES list because numerous research studies have shown that isofavones & protein in whole soy sources clearly demonstrate the reduction of cancers of the breast, colon and prostate, plus improvement in heart health.
Potatoes got sent to the NO list because they were fattening, I always suspected it was more what people lathered on the potato. (my latest healthy thing is cottage cheese or salsa on my potato)  Good news is that you can change the color of potato you eat to purple and lower blood pressure of hypertensive, obese people, according to a 2012 study.  Bonus is they are high in fiber & no fat.
Coffee was blamed for stopping your growth and harming bone density, well good news is you can put it on the YES list because recent reaearch has shown that coffee lowers risk of developing diabetes, cancers of the mouth, endometrium, prostate and skin.  Coffee consumption has even been associated with a decreased risk of dementia & Alzheimer’s.

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