10 Days to Your Personal Best

Are you ready for bikini season?  Vacation is coming up and the bod is Not what you want it to be?? (Don’t panic, we’ve all been there!) With summer heat coming on strong, Better Health Today has decided that it’s time to take it up a notch with 10 days to be your best body yet!!

Over the next 10 days, Better Health Today and Herbalife will be bringing you expert tips and tricks to achieve your personal best! We’ll also be sharing with you some workout videos from Herbalife Ambassador and A-list trainer, Samantha Clayton (your first one is below!!). Having competed in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Samantha knows exactly what it takes to achieve a beautiful, toned body! Samantha is a great role model and a mother of four, she also knows that time can be a little limited, so she ‘s made her workouts effective, quick and easy to follow. Get ready to be inspired!

10 Days to Your Personal Best!

Say bye bye to Sugar – Sugar is your every body;s enemy! It causes inflammation in your body and plays havoc on your blood sugar levels. You’ll always be hungry if you eat it and your energy will crash. Be a searcher for hidden sugar too…label reading is a must. Food manufacturers know it tempts us so it is in almost all processed foods.  We’re talking bread, pastas sources, canned food, “fruit” juices and even “low fat” products. (They may be low in “fat” but they are certainly not 

low in sugar!)

Eat every three hours – Protein snacks, small and whether you are hungry or not. Eating so often prevents your body from going into “starvation response” that causes the body to store fat rather than burn it.  Keep it fired up!

Eat breakfast – NEVER skip breakfast, your body is “running on empty” after all night with no food, that is why it is called break fast. Eat protein with any complex carbohydrate you want. (Ideal breakfasts include – eggs with whole wheat bread / mixed berry smoothie with protein sources such as cashews or protein powder / oatmeal with chopped nuts)

Stop all refined (white) carbohydrate foods – substitute white/refined carbohydrates with c

omplex carbs. Use wholegrain brown rice instead of basmati rice; quinoa for cous cous; sweet potato for white potato; following this plan should help reduce sugar cravings, avoiding sugar will help balance blood sugar levels and also reduce the craving for sugar. This will help create consistent energy levels.

Always Drink Water – Rule of thumb is take your body weight, divide by 2 and that is the amount of water you need to be drinking daily, for instance if your weight is 180 lbs., you need to drink 90 ounces of water. Never less than 10 glasses a day.

Stop alcohol – most alcohol is super high in sugar. In fact, it affects blood sugar levels so much that you’ll start craving sweet things for the next whole day. Empty calories and does not fit into your new healthy lifestyle plan.

Get your full night of sleep – Working out is great, but if you don’t get enough rest, you’ll start to burn out. Being really tired, causes our body to produce a hormone called Ghrelin. Ghrelin sends signals to our brain telling it that we need more food for energy. To prevent this hunger hormone from taking over, aget at least 8 hours every night.

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