3 Phase Personal Trainer on DVD To Get Fabulously Fit!!!!

Amazing how quick this program begins to shape your body!! Hate going to the gym? I love being able to workout in my backyard with friends & family. We meet at 6am, start a Daily workout DVD and follow the plan to achieve a Better Body!


This set of 24Fit DVDs were designed by world famous, Bob Forster, his clentele ranges from student athletes to grandmothers with osteoporosis to age group competitive tri-athletes and Olympic and Professional Athletes. He definitely has perfected how to get buns of steel from your Workouts!!

Samantha Clayton, Olympic Sprinter is a lead instructor on the 24Fit DVDs. Contact us for advice on pre and post workout nutrition and also what to have for breakfast, other meals and snacks for peak performance. Training is only half the battle when it comes to achieving great results, nutriton is the other. That's a 24 Hour Athlete.

Contact us for advice on, how much protein per meal, personalized to the individual, examples of healthy snacks. Options for recovery shakes etc.

Email me katiedidwork@gmail.com or friend me https://www.facebook.com/KayWilsonsSamantha lead trainer on dVDs


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