Why I Pour Out My Feelings

I am a people person, I love being with new, old and interesting people. I have 2 traits that support my feelings, one, I am curious about you, your friend, your family and two, I have this caring nature, a part of me that I can’t seem to turn off.

When I go to the mall, the park or anywhere that people convene…..When I see a person coming towards me, I look them in the eye, smile and say, “Hi, how you doin?” Some look at me like I am strange or shoot me an offended look, some don’t bother to respond, seem lost in thought but my favorite meet my eyes, smile & answer me with a positive note in their voice. Exchanging a friendly hello gives a little burst of pleasure that someone noticed them, gave them a “heart smile” I may be the only smile, they have seen today.

If I have extra time I may join someone on a bench, I greet them and start conversation by noticing things I can comment to them.

I don’t get to the mall as much, so this is my smile to them on paper.Kay


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