Insomnia & Stress Be Gone

Insomnia, A problem that I may be able to help with…..Insomnia, 30% suffer with intermittent SLEEP, insomnia. I am surprised how many struggle with this one.
Articles and books are written every day about the benefits of sleep, you are more productive with 8 hours of sleep, your immune system is stronger with better sleep and the best anti-aging remedy is sleep.Sleep Now
My tip for those wanting to get more rest in but have trouble falling asleep: I use an Herbalife product, Relax Now, it has jujube seed & passionflower helps me to be calm, I take it about 30 minutes before bedtime. Relaxed Now Enhanced AND I take Sleep Now, it helps regualte the sleep-wake cycle. It contains passionflower, hops, tiny bit of melatonin, so you don’t have a melatonin hangover, valerian and lavender. I wake up refreshed, rested and ready for a productive day
*Got tips of your own?


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