3 or 4 Things to Help with Joint Pain

Does cooler weather make you a little achy, joints a little stiffer or causes you to move a little slower?
Many of us feel the “weather in our bones”. No real evidence supports this but I definitely notice that cooler weather makes me want to curl up in an afghan with a good book or watch “It’s a Wonderful World” for the 80th time. Not what I need or should do, and as years of experience, mine and others have shown me, I would like to share some things I do.

Advice for less joint pain:

Eating healthy, not just to be full… It was more difficult when I was a young mom because a new “diet” was introduced every month and I was always on one to lose a few pounds. As a kid, we lived on a farm with fresh vegetables, fruit and meat, once a week which was home grown chicken. Never connected to how healthy it was for us until I was older and began to study a healthier lifestyle.

Too many bad choices await us every day through Grocer shelves and Fast Food Stores. So you must determine to make a change to your lifestyle and not temporary fixes.

Eating colorful is most important, Fresh whole vegetables, fruit and whole grains, should replace processed and refined foods that cause inflammation. Antioxidants in spinach, kale, cabbage and carrots are a first line of defense providing you vitamin K, I get vitamin C from red bell peppers, they have more than oranges and through much experimenting, I found citrus caused arthritis flare-ups.
I also make sure I get Omega 3’s from wild salmon. My old-timey doctor taught me many years ago “to eat fish 5 times a week”, he said. He was waaaay ahead of science.
I have found I need to supplement with omega 3, Herbalifeline, it is an anti-inflammatory and I use a mango flavored aloe vera drink, the combo of the two took about 8 weeks for me to feel the difference in pain. I use Joint Support for building & strengthening cartilage around the joints. I also use a Xtra Cal, a calcium supplement, that is two fold for all the calcium I need plus vitamin D.

Walking is so important, I know it feels better not to move but it does not irritate joints to move, the synovial fluid of the joints in the human body is a thick liquid that lubricates the joint, allows for ease of movement and helps feeds the cartilage. So movement helps circulate the fluid & lessen pain.

Last, but not least is Losing weight is also helpful and less strain on stressed & inflamed joints.

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