In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Money for Nothing.”

I begin my day early, around 5:30, I put the kettle on for tea, feed all the quail & doves that wait anxiously for me, relax with my cup of tea while I listen to a personal development CD, check my email for my church prayer chain and then I workout to DVD.
My work day begins about 8, my commute is only 2 minutes, because I work at home

The Yard Guard

The Yard Guard

I help clients achieve their health goals. Whether they want to lose weight, build muscle or have less stress, I help them. My work is the most fullfilling work i have ever done. I encourage, coach and cheer on my clients every day. I have a simple system to help me care for them and I teach them about nutrition.

I have been doing a Group Weight Loss Challenge for 7 or 8 years, each session is 12 weeks, that gives them good habits as they learn a new lifestyle, and it is so fun to see participants reach a goal. We celebrate at the end of each competition when we give out cash prizes and certificates. We do a potluck of healthy foods & treats.

Community events, like a walking club, are on the agenda as cool weather begins each fall and clients become friends. Some of my clients love my lifestyle and are interested in working at home. It is a simple business, that is very duplicatable.Working From Home


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