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Young Mum uses Herbalife throughout her pregnancy…. read her story here!

Love this Kristi, thx for sharing.


I get a lot of questions about using Herbalife while pregnant and nursing. I can’t speak for anyone else, but here is MY story….. My opinion is: THE MORE HERBALIFE while preggo and breastfeeding, THE BETTER. why you might ask? Because, when you are pregnant and nursing, you need MORE nutrition, not LESS. Honest to God I can’t think of much better stuff you can put into your mouth EVER than the Herbalife products. They are so jam packed full of scientifically backed nutrition that they make you feel and look Super Human. If you are pregnant and arguing with your Herbalife Coach as to why you can’t or shouldn’t take the products, just stop it and tell me for a minute what in the heck you ARE actually putting in your mouth right now. Most pregnant women are eating toast, or cereal, or junk food, or pickles and ice cream…

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