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Social Media Blueprint

I have quietly observed, I watched members of my family & friends join My Space, Facebook, Linkedn  and Twitter as others jumped in with both feet I timidly dipped my toe in these strange waters.  Then I realized I was being left behind in this race to meet and greet via some of the most exciting times in history….I have dived in and have loved it so much that I have to set time limits before my day is gone.

Greeting old friends online, meeting new is fast becoming an obsession.  I find myself rushing though my daily calls and appointments to get back to the fastest growing communities in the world where I can literally meet people from all over the world.  In just a short time I am visiting with friends from Israel, England, Canada, Turkey And I am bedazzled!

Luckily I also work at home.  I truly believe social media has created a whole new way of growing my business as it has already changed the way people shop, read & of course have wonderful communication with people we may have never had the opportunity to meet.  Now I can chat online or through my webcam and it is most rewarding to start or finish my day with the camaraderie of  all my friends.