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Get A Grip On Time

by Kay Wilson (KoachKay)

Ever have a busy day, when you collapse on the couch after dinner and think, “What did I do today? What did I accomplish?”

If you work an 8 hour day. Were they completely productive hours, focused on projects or activity to really grow your business?

My friend and mentor, Jay C, advised me to work in blocks of time. Choose 6 things on your daily “To Do List”. (You made that list last night, right?) He said, “each block should be 30 minutes”. So 6 projects accomplished in 3 hours. Easy to fit that in your day. Remember Fun, Simple, & Magical, of course, you have other personal or family stuff to do. Put your personal stuff on your calendar too, we hear how important to 1st have a calendar, I use Google calendar, it alerts me of each “to do thing” or appointment I have.

At the end of your day, you will feel so satisfied, that you managed your time better, instead of jumping from incident to another. Easy to work for 30 minute blocks and get more done.

No more looking at the end of your day and asking, what did I do all day?” You can look at your calendar & see the check marks by each task. So, if your business is not moving fast enough, this is a good tracking record of exactly what you did. Your coach or mentor can look over it with you to help you see “where your time went”.

One of Jim Rohn’s quotes, “Time is more valuable than money, you can make more money, but you can’t get more time.”

I want more than anything for you to use your time to do amazing and meaningful things. I want you to get your business rocking! I want you to spend more time with your family, stay home with your kids or maybe plan a fun trip soon.

It is important to look into the mirror, reflect on your day, feel satisfied? What are we really doing that we need to stop doing, checking emails or other busy work that does Not make us money?

Then resolve tomorrow to do better with focus on those blocks of time. Three hours, You can do this!