Can We Trust Our Doctor?

In a recent article written by Dr Tony Vendryes, he exposes two big lies that doctors are telling us.  

This is a direct quote, “LIES CAN be very dangerous things, particularly when they relate to life and death issues. Unfortunately, deliberately or unconsciously, the medical industry (modern medicine is big business) has perpetuated a number of deceptions that have, over the years, resulted in unnecessary misery, suffering and untimely death to millions and millions of human beings. 
People are brainwashed by untruths that medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies have corroborated.  We accept their authority as keeper of our health  and readily believe what they tell us as fact. Dr. Vendryes  tells us one untrue statement is diabetes cannot be cured. He states that he personally has patients & friends who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and now have no sign of the disease.  95% of diabetics can see great results by changing their lifestyle to include exercise, better diet choices and supplements.

Research at University of California, Los Angeles’ School of Medicine had Type 2 diabetics completely reverse their diabetes in just a few weeks by making a few simple changes in their diet and exercise. Several reasons that this lie has not been exposed, it is a very lucrative business, insurance companies do not reimburse doctors for educating their patients about making these lifestyle changes, doctors already have only about 12 minutes to spend with a client so they take the easy way out and write a prescription for the patient.  Doctors make money on the prescription, so in effect, it is a conflict that is an easy choice for conventional medicine.

High cholesterol causes heart attacks is another lie. Normal cholesterol is integral to proper cell building and several other important functions.  It is only dangerous when it is oxidized.  This is why we are told to eat lots of veggies and fruit, they are powerful antioxidants.  Think about all the television commercials for drugs to lower cholesterol, millions are being spent on drugs to lower cholesterol and still heart disease is the #1 killer.

Dr Vendryes says that elevated blood cholesterol is the body sending out signals, symptoms that your body is out of balance and he recommends several natural non-toxic substances like soluble fiber, soy, green tea, garlic and vitamin B3 (niacin) that safely help to balance cholesterol.  Read more details here Dr. Vendryes full story


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