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Herbalife’s Wellness Evaluation helps us give you a Free Recommendation of Vitamins & Supplements for Women & Men
Our Wellness Evaluation is an online questionnaire that gives a personalized, recommendation for vitamins and vitamin supplements based on your lifestyle, diet, nutrition, medications, and health concerns.
This questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete, and generates a free, no-obligation vitamin and supplement recommendation that is personalized to meet your nutritional needs.
The Evaluation takes into account a wide variety of vitamins & supplements including the following:

Cellular Nutrition, our core products are for every body.

Aloe Vera Drink/ a prebiotic that helps digestion, inflammation, & improves nutrient absorption
Immune building products, 
Ocular Defense, a supplement for eye health & protects effects of aging
Best Defense, a great source of echinachea, 1,000 mg of vitamin C, contains zinc sulfate to increase immune defense
RoseGuard/ atragalus, turmeric, & supports the body’s natural defense from environmental toxins
Schizandra Plus/ supports immunity and cellular health with antioxidant support
Garden 7/ Supplies the benefits of 7 servings of fruits & veggies, phytonutrients for organs, helps fill the gaps in your diet
Joint Support Advanced/ Glucosamine plus an herb, scutellaria, an antioxidant, manganese, selenium and copper

 Heart Health products endorsed & produced by Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate
Herbalifeline/ Omega 3 fatty acids for haelthy cholesterol and triglycerides, al so helps joints
CoQ10 Plus- helps strengthen heart cells, Plus means it has vitamin D, DHA, a non fish fatty acid
Mega Garlic plus/ supports healthy circulation, each tab is equal to 1 whole clove of garlic, enteric coating
Tri-Shield / 100% pure Neptune Krill oil to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels & full of antioxidants
Niteworks/ formulated by Dr Ignarro  

Fatigue is the reason most people consult their doctor.
NRG, Nature’s Raw Guarana Tea or tabs increases mental alertness & energy
Liftoff, energy fizz tab with Vitamin A, B12, B6, C, and added bonus of ginkgo biloba

Our Multi-Vitamin is designed for men & women and Herbalife supplements have combined vitamins, herbs and minerals,that are synergistically balanced for best results.

Men’s Products, Ultimate Prostate, full of saw palmetto & lycopene, specifically for prostate health, 
Male Factor for virility and
Prelox Blue for sexual health

Tang Kuie pronounced, Dong Quai is great for PMS, headaches, muscle relaxer
Triple Berry complex/cranberry, bilberry & bluberry to prevent urinary problems
Woman’s Choice/black cohosh, red clover and other herbs to help with hot flashes & menopause symptoms
Xtra Cal – Calcium + 100% of vitamin D

Weight Loss products are a Specialty for Herbalife, programs, featuring a Meal Replacement Shake, and are designed especially for you and your budget.
Enhancers, for faster weight loss,
Aminogen, helps protein digestion
Celluloss, carries out toxic water as fat breaks down,helps with inches & cellulite
Thermobond, keeps the body from absorbing fat of food you eat.
Snack Defense/ Chromium Piccolinate

New line of Sports Nutrition, Herbalife24 for the serious athlete, whether in competition or a weekend athlete.

If you choose to order vitamin supplements after receiving your recommendation, you will receive your vitamin supplements with Coaching, a Free service that we give to support you in new healthy habits,  These are premium quality, evidence-based vitamins in the proper doses for you to achieve your best health. Our recommendations come from 32 years of experience and the expertise of scientists & doctors who specialize in nutrition. The daily vitamins and supplements can be shipped directly to your door or you may pick them up from our Tucson office.

Why Should you Take a Vitamin Supplement?
Research shows that many people may benefit from supplementing their diet with a multivitamin or other vitamin supplements.
Please remember that vitamin supplements won’t compensate for a poor diet – but they can help fill nutritional gaps.
Your objective should be to make sure that you’re eating a healthy, varied diet that meets your nutritional needs.

Why Do I Need More Than Just A Daily Vitamin?
In general, a vitamin supplement may benefit men and women alike, and a daily multivitamin is recommended by most doctors.
Taking a daily multivitamin and nutritional vitamin supplement ensures that you have the energy you need to pursue your daily activities. In addition, if you’re not eating regularly, if your diet is not rich in fresh foods, if you don’t get plenty of fruits and vegetables, a multivitamin may help you fill in the nutritional gaps.
However, many multivitamins may not offer all the nutritional ingredients you need.
Our Health Evaluation, is based on your gender, age, lifestyle and medications, and other specific supplements may be recommended that are typically not found in the average multivitamins.
Call today to schedule an appointment for your Wellness Evaluation, to see what other essential nutritional supplements will be best.
Benefits of Vitamin Supplements
All vitamins and supplements available for purchase from an Herbalife Distributor are formulated with highest research & development with the finest raw ingredients based on Science and Nutritional experts with 32 years of experience, extensive research and study of sponsored innovative university research. Our proprietary blends, help ensure the finest vitamins for optimal nutrition and absorption.

Kay Wilson, Herbalife Distributor
Tel: (520) 744-1805 or 258-9934 |


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